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Libbit is your one stop shop for business finance signposting. No matter if you are fully established in the business world or if you are new kids on the block Libbit will have something you need. A great example of the kinds of tips Libbit will provide and that are invaluable to a new start up are links such as this from Enterprise Nation, who give a few great top tips to those thinking about starting out in 2017.

Alongside tips to get you thinking, Libbit will also provide links, reviews and up to date news about the economy, financial companies that could help you and choosing accountants who know exactly what they are doing. If you are someone who like to make sure that all their ducks in a row all year round, someone who expects the best and prepares for the worst, then Libbit will have something for you. From tax ad credit guidance to info on how you can complete your own business finance health checks, Libbit will make sure you are never unprepared for any nasty surprises.

Business Plans

When starting out with a new business it is likely that at some point you are going to either need to apply for funding in order to achieve your start up goals or show someone what your business is and where it is going in order to achieve ‘buy in’ of some form or another. That is one of the reasons why creating a good solid business plan is one of the most important things your will do during your business planning and prep. This is the document that will keep you on track with your business goals so that you maintain focus for success and that shows others the worth of your business, the direction it is heading in and the potential future worth. Here are just a few reasons why a business plan is imperative for any business:

• It helps you secure external funding
• It helps investors understand the business current worth and future potential
• It highlights to investors what opportunity the business offers them
• It is a good tool to help you see your business more clearly and get a better understanding of it
• It helps you plan a course of action to help you on your way to success
• It assists in keeping everyone in the business on the same line of thought with business goals
• It is an important tool for managing business cash flow and identifying potential hurdles

There are many more benefits to a great business plan so it is most definitely a tool worth building early on in the start ups life so that it can be built on well into the future. If this has got you thinking about your own business plan and you are itching to get started, take a look at the ideas below to help you with your initial content outline…