About Libbit

Hello and welcome to Libbit Finance News. I’m Elizabeth and I’m here to share with you all the ups and downs of the roller coaster world that is business finance and a little bit on other money matters might sneak in here too. Libbit is full of news articles, tips and advice on a wide variety of business related money management and finance issues.

The site is a great place to stop by for refreshers and updates for established businesses but it’s also a fantastic place for newbies. If you are just in the process of going it alone and starting a new business you will find Libbit is a really helpful one stop shop for your businesses finance needs.

I’ll be providing lots of links and useful info for companies or sites out there that can really help you achieve your business goals. Alongside tips to get you thinking, Libbit will also provide reviews and news in business and economy to help you keep up to date.

As someone with a business to look after, you will know how important it is to prepare for worst case scenarios and know how to tackle bumps in the road head on. Libbit is here to help you with that journey. Helping you complete finance health checks, keep an eye on tax requirements and much more.

I’d be really happy to hear from you so if you have any queries, comments or would like to suggest comments then please use the form below.

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